Sunrise at Dream Lake

Rocky Mountain National Park

January 26-27, 2002

Panoramic of Longs Peak.
Glen on the way up to Estes Park.
Glen working with his 4x5 camera.
Me with the ever important Aminal Crackers.
Me trying to keep warm before getting to sleep. We slept in the back of Glen's 4-Runner. Worked great.
About 6AM on the trail up to Dream Lake. It's about 1.2 miles from the Bear Lake trailhead to Dream Lake.
Glen taking a break on the way up the trail.
Me looking like the Sta-Puff marshmallow man in my down jacket. Also wearing polypro long undies, fleece shirt, fleece vest, Northface gore-tex shell jacket. Sounds like alot, but when standing on the ice for four hours taking pictures, you need it!!
Looks like a garage sale on the ice. All that stuff is mainly camera gear, about 35 pounds worth. Things we do for pretty pictures!!
A few of my favorite shots from this trip. These are looking straight down onto the ice of Dream Lake. All the spots are air bubbles trapped in the ice. I could have shot different patterns for hours if I had more film and my feet weren't so frozen after 4 hours on the ice.

Sunrise over Dream Lake. On the left is Halletts Peak, and on the right part of Flattop Mountain. Hard to believe there were about 30 MPH gusts of wind as I shot this.
Hard to believe the peak in the background is called Flattop Mountain.
Another shot of Halletts Peak over Dream Lake. Believe it or not, that is solid ice showing here. About 2 feet thick minimum.
The view into Glacier Gorge and of Longs Peak (14,256').
Glen back at the car. When we started hiking at about 5:45 AM, we were the second vehicle there. Now, at 11AM, no less than 50. Good to be finishing a hike when most are starting!
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