Hike up the Goose Creek Trail, in the Lost Creek Wilderness

May 31st, 2003

This shot was taken about a quarter mile from the trailhead of the Goose Creek Trail. This stream feeds into Goose Creek just a little ways up the trail., which is also where the burn area stops. It's really good to see so much green making it's way back into the burn areas like this.

Wista 4x5 Field Camera
90mm lens
Fuji Velvia
8" @ f/32

The aspen trees were in their full Spring colors, and I thought this area was nice with the typical Lost Creek Wilderness boulders in the background.

Wista 4x5 Field Camera
180mm lens
Fuji Velvia
2" @ f/32 1/3

This is about one mile in on the Goose Creek Trail. What a beautiful hike! This is approximately where the turn off to Harmonica Arch is. Can anyone tell me if you can see the arch in this photo? ( I can't pick it out, so I need your help.)

Wista 4x5 Field Camera
90mm lens
Fuji Velvia
2" @ f/45

Same area as the image above. This image and the rest below were taken with my little digital camera.
This is in the first quarter mile or so from the trailhead, and shows what much of the Hayman burn area is like. This small stream feeds into Goose Creek a little further up the trail. I've never hiked through anything quite like this before.
The last stretch of my hike before the shaft house. This image doesn't even come close to showing the size of these rocks. I need a person in there to show some perspective. Next time.
Same area as above, just around the corner from the shaft house. Next time, I really want to backpack into this area, and spend alot more time just exploring, and of course taking a bunch more photos.
This is all that's left of the "shaft house", where back in the early 1900's, the government tried to pour tons of concrete into the ground in an attempt to dam up Lost Creek, and create a reservior. Apparently they tried for years, with no luck. They eventually moved on, and later created Cheeseman Res. instead. The trail continues on into a great little meadow, where I met a few guys doing some rock climbing.
Not a bad little lunch spot, huh?
A typical spot along this trail, lined with gorgeous aspens.
I found a nice little creek crossing, leading into a great open area that has camping potential written all over it. Next time.
Here is the trail not too far in from the trailhead.
After listening to rolling thunder for the last hour or two of the hike, the skies finally let loose when I had about ten minutes left to go. Made it back to the trailhead with no problem though.
This was taken looking S-SW into the Lost Creek Wilderness from the Stony Pass Road. You can see in the foreground how wildly picky Mother Nature can be, burning one tree, and not the one 10 feet away.
Here is a map of the hike to the Shaft house, following the Goose Creek trail. According to my map programs, its approximately 7.5 miles round trip. Being a bit out of shape, along with carrying about 30+ pounds of camera equipment sure made it feel alot longer. :)
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